talleres de bicicletas de Oaxaca (bike shops of Oaxaca)

Bicimundo — on calle Aladama, I bought some bright blue fixed-gear hubs here. The west end of calle Aldama seems to be the focus of the biking community.

Pedro Martinez — Pedro, a mountain biker who once rode for the Mexican Olympic team, rents bikes and guides tours in the mountains around Oaxaca. His shop is tucked inside an alley off Aldama.

Bicirama — a workshop across the street. When I asked inside whether I could rent a bike, a mechanic showed me the way down the alley to Pedro’s.

Bicicletas de Zulemar — in the Central de Abastos, a market on the west end of town.

Taller de Bicicletas “Cruz, Jr.” — behind the Hotel Rivera de Angel, where you can catch a bus to the ruins of an ancient Zapotec city.

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