Will there be a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over I-40?

Construction dates for the American Tobacco Trail bridge over I-40 and the new pedestrian bridge over 147 are indexical: no matter when you ask, the answer is always “they should be completed in about 2 years.” As a member of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission for the past 4 years, “When will the ATT bridge be built?” is the single question we are asked by the public most often.

A few local bloggers got together near the end of summer to create a questionnaire for the candidates in this round of municipal elections. A great idea, our list really gathered together some tough questions — the answers to which would have given the public some insight into what the candidates have in mind for some of the more pressing (and consistent) problems in Durham. Too bad not a single candidate responded with answers. My question (one of two that I asked) continued…

Can we get a straight (i.e., non-indexical) answer on when 1) the American Tobacco Trail/I-40 bridge and 2) the new pedestrian bridge over 147 will be built? What will you do to ensure that these two important projects are completed on the current schedule?

The election hopefuls may not have bothered to answer, but the City of Durham is hosting a community meeting to discuss the planned pedestrian crossing of I-40 for the American Tobacco Trail near Fayetteville Road.

  • Date: Tuesday, November 13, 2007
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Place: Durham City Hall, 2nd Floor Committee Room

The contact for the meeting is Byron Brady, PE, CPESC, a Contract Engineer with the City
(919) 560-4326 ext. 296


If you want to have any input on the kind of bridge that will connect the existing ATT with its future continuation at Southpoint, then you’ll want to be at this meeting.

No word, though, on the new pedestrian bridge over 147 which, last I heard, could have opened by now.

Thanks to Dan Clever for the heads up on this meeting.

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