Durham cycling map, revised (revising)

I had stopped working on the Durham cycling map that I put up more than two years ago. It remained popular, however. Now that Google has made it easy to create and save maps without the use of third-party software, it’s been very easy to go back and revisit this project.

This is a small version — the full size map is here.

My goal with this map is to make it a true community-driven tool. Anyone with a Google account can add routes, places to this map. If you would like to be added to the pool of contributors, please email me. pbarronATgmailDOTcom

As a side note, Google Maps now offers Streetview of Durham.


Durham cycling map, revised (revising) — 8 Comments

  1. I’m pretty sure Leon St has painted bike lanes from N Duke to Broad, and there’s a new trail that connects Washington St to Acadia near Duke Park.

    Just throwing that out there. Thanks for the map.

  2. This rocks. Yeah your right JDC there are bike lanes on Leon St between Duke and Broad. Big THANK YOU to Phillip and Dan for the updates. What is the Eno trail like? Hardpacked dirt?

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  4. phillip, great work! when I was on the chapel hill bike/ped board a group of us were working on something similar to this. we were split between something interactive and paper maps. one idea we had was to rank roads by safety on a 3-tier system (red, yellow, green). it is totally up to rider perception, which varies greatly. would you ever consider opening the google map up the public, by posting it on town bike/ped board websites and other public places?

  5. Hey Dave,

    I decided to use the Google Maps-based map architecture (instead of self-hosting) for many reasons, but among them because it means I don’t “own” the map. Anyone can grab the code from maps.google.com and insert it in their own website.

    If any BPAC folks want help doing this, just let me know.

  6. Hey all! Just moved into North Durham and looking forward to getting to know the trails around here. I also commute to Duke and much appreciate the efforts to maintain this site. See ya out there!

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