Asheville’s bike racks

Below are two photos of Asheville’s city-wide bike rack design. The racks range in size (width) from supporting six bikes to two, each with an “ordinary” on top. While these are not the most functional design for bike racks, they are beautiful, well-used (it was rare to see one without a bike locked to it), and complement the sense of history and community that downtown Asheville imbues.img_7938.png
outside the Battery Park Hotel

outside the Orange Peel

Dale McKeel, Durham’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Coordinator, says that installation of Durham’s city-wide bike racks begins tomorrow, April 8th. Read more about Durham’s City Racks program here.


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  1. Ah, Asheville — my home town. Place where I first learned how to ride a bike. Place where I had my first bike accident. My first bike theft. 🙂

    Thanks for the nice pix. I left Asheville in ’84 before it got globally hip, but I return regularly to visit relatives and friends, and I wonder if Durham will ever adopt some of Asheville’s best “new” habits.

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