urban scavenger hunt, this Sunday

From an email I received today…

People of the Triangle,

The Durham Committee of the Triangulator would like to invite you to attend the first of a series of Triangle scavenger hunts aimed at increasing Triangle-centric knowledge, exploration, and sharing. This debut event will be held on Sunday, April 20th in Durham.

To help get your mind scavenging the Triangulator Photo Team has provided a practice question – see the attached image and try to track this guy down.

To RSVP email: scavenger.hunt@triangulator.org
(As part of our pre-registration process, please include your favorite Durham street name with your RSVP)

What: Triangulator is a six hour, multi-media, multi-modal (sub)urban adventure. It is very much like and very much unlike other scavenger hunts in that it involves searches for specific items and subjective, interpretative explorations. There may or may not be right answers, you may or may not know them and that may or may not be an advantage. Go forth and triangulate.

When and Where:
Sunday, April 20th
10am: Congregation, Caffeination and Circulation of Clues at Parker and Otis (map)
11am-5pm: Scavenger Hunt within 2 mile boundary of downtown Durham
5-6:30: Napping and Uploading of photos;
6:30pm: Awards, Drinks, Food, and Presentations – location TBA (map)

Why: Because we like fun games and competing and exploring the urban/suburban landscape with our friends

How: Through genius, bicycle, social capital, blood, toil, sweat, tears, and vision.

Rules and regulations:

* Bikes, automobiles, mopeds, scooters, walking, running allowed.
* Each team will require a digital camera (i.e. bring one if you’ve got one).
* Registration is $3 per person or snacks of equal value.
* Unexpected interpretation of the questions and unpredictable results are encouraged.
* Boundaries: Space between 15-501, Cornwallis, I-85, 70, and NC Central Univ. far side
* Winning teams will receive the profound envy of other players (not redeemable for cash).
* Teams will be formed on arrival (bring folks to play with or come and join up with others).

Disclaimer: This is an experiment – participate at your own risk! You may be asked to provide feedback and suggestions for future events. Depending on the day’s success other events in Raleigh, Chapel Hill and any number of the other municipalities within the 13-county Triangle Region will soon follow.


hat tip to Martha Pentecost for the email

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