$17,000 for a Chanel bicycle

Although the tires on this bike have inverted tread, and thus are able to handle both roads and moderately uneven compact dirt, the Chanel commuter is ideally suited for riding on travertine marble smothered in foie gras while starving African children look on.

From PurseBlog

When I reported on the $3,500 Hermes bike two weeks ago, I had the feeling that we had not reached the pinnacle in cyclist decadence just yet. Karl Lagerfeld to the rescue! This Limited Edition Chanel Bike is the ultimate in two-wheeled novelty. With only 50 made and less than 20 available in the US, this creation retailed for $17,000, with reseller markups hitting $28,000 already.

At it was the case with the Hermes bike, it is thanks to our fantastic Purse Forum member vernilover that I can present some detailed snapshots of this exclusive piece to our readers.

The Chanel bike aims to impress with very fine detail, like the quilted leather handles, seat (made by the legendary Brooks Brothers), pant guard, even the bike pump is covered in Chanel’s signature quilted leather. The bike also features two quilted flap bags and a jewelry roll behind the seat, all of which are detachable and can be used as individual shoulder bags.

Maybe Karl Lagerfeld will donate any unsold bikes to Bikes for the World.

Thanks to Bryony for the tip.


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