Quake City Rumble

XLR8R TV, in conjunction with Revision3, has a new video of this year’s Fourth of July weekend Quake City Rumble. Using footage from the race, the video explores the phenomenon of alleycats generally. Highlights include an odd pedal-powered playground ride, kid-bike tandem race, and a demo on how to elude the police (hint, go slow). I had fun riding the hills of LA on my fixed gear bike, but I can’t imagine tackling San Francisco with one magic gear ratio.


Quake City Rumble — 3 Comments

  1. You always find the coolest videos Phillip. Keep up the good work! When are you planning Durham’s big bike party?

  2. Thanks Mike.

    Haven’t seen you around lately, but I know it’s paddling season. Will you be at the next CM? It’s the one year anniversary of the modern-era CM in Durham.

  3. My Family and I are planning on attending the next CM. Yes I’ve been busy with paddling and my new business venture and of course my job at Morgan Imports. I think I need a few extra hours in the day. Seriously though we need to put on a huge bicycle party in Durham. 😉

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