POTUS needs a safety lesson

Apparently Obama was riding along a Martha’s Vineyard trail with no helmet, and the bare-headed ride was caught by a photographer. Not a very good example to set…

No-helmet Obama

Let’s hope no one hits a pothole.AP Obama

While Sasha Obama (yellow shirt) and another girl have enough sense to wear helmets, it appears President Barack Obama (second from left), his secret service agent and Dr. Eric Whitaker (far right)need a few bike safety lessons while on vacation on Martha’s Vineyard.

Whitaker, we should point out, is technically wearing a helmet, but they don’t work very well when they’re not fastened. (See the photo below).

“What kind of fool doesn’t wear a helmet while biking?” wondered Tribune photo editor Maggie Walker, who was so aghast after spotting the images that she emailed the White House. She’s waiting to hear back. (AP photos by Alex Brandon)

AP Obama-2

Via the Chicago Tribune.


POTUS needs a safety lesson — 4 Comments

  1. like I said on facebook
    he doesn’t wear a helmet when walking around. I doubt the less-than-walking pace he’s keeping there with his kids on MV is a risk.

    Pros wear helmets b/c they are going very fast and very close together. Professional car drivers wear helmets, too.

    Let’s keep the helmet wearing to the professionals and not hurt cycling for us all.

  2. He should be wearing a helmet – setting a good example is part of the job description, whether president or parent. I have seen an adult flip off a bicycle, while traveling less than walking pace, and hit their head on a rock. Wheels spin very quickly as designed regardless of the direction of travel.

  3. Seth’s right – you (presumably) don’t wear a walking helmet, which has a similar chance of doing something useful. The chance that a helmet will ever help you is truly minuscule.

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