My tow truck

It’s not quite towing a truck, like these guys (see below), but it’s handy to have a tow truck when you need one. Pictured here, my Xtracycle, which I usually refer to as my pick-up truck, doubles as a tow truck when I need to tow another bike to the shop.
Tow truck

Tow trucks towing a truck.


My tow truck — 3 Comments

  1. The most awesome Xtracycle video of all time! The perfect bikes, the perfect execution, and the perfect metaphor. Bravo!

  2. Cassi – Agreed. I was impressed by the towing capacity.

    Darryl – Do it. Adding the Free Radical to an old mountain bike revived it for me. And now it’s indispensable for daily errands.

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