Alt Transportation

I’ve started a new Flickr set for the unusual modes of transportation I see around Davis.

Coming from the east coast (and the South), I’m amazed by the number of people who use longboard skateboards as actual transportation. And then I was shown the skateboard parking rack outside the ARC (the university gymnasium). Um, I’d never seen that before. Before coming out here, I knew Davis was a bike-friendly town — arguably the most bike-friendly town in the country and easily the town with the longest history of bike-friendly planning. But it’s not just about the bikes anymore. It’s a multi-modal town, where — in a addition to biking — people skateboard and rollerblade to class, to the café, to the post office, to the grocery store.

Many of the bikes, too, are unusual in themselves. I’ve seen recumbents and trikes, but then again I used to see a number of recumbents in Research Triangle Park (where commuters channel Christopher Walken in Brainstorm, filmed in RTP). But I also see a number of four-wheeled “bikes,” plenty of DIY trailers and add-ons, and an abundance of trail-a-along bikes with child-trailers in tow, making for bicycle-driven minivans on their way to school or soccer practice. But enough describing.

I’ll stop gawking and starting being more handy with the camera.

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