Children of the Outer Dark: The Poetry of Christopher Dewdney

Children of the Outer Dark (LP)Children of the Outer Dark by Christopher Dewdney
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Not often is poetry both easy to read and insightful. Christopher Dewdney is not your common poet. He writes as perceptively and carefully as an autodidact. Yet, he also writes on topics as complex as consciousness and cloud chambers.

The pretentiousness, distant language and tone of the editor’s (Karl E. Jirgens’s) introduction are out of step with both the accessibility of Dewdney’s poetry and the purpose of the series into which this volume falls. The poems selected for this collection span Dewdney’s career and showcase his variety of interests, both scientific and aesthetic.

Something odd: my epub copy has a book cover reading “Children of the Further Dark,” and for a few moments, I was unsure of the actual title of the book.

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