I am excited to launch OccuPoetry today with new poetry by Carrie Osborne of Oakland, CA. A collaboration with my good friend Katy Ryan, OccuPoetry is a poetry project, publishing art in support of the Occupy Movement.

Read and listen here –

The Occupy Movement is speaking to people in all parts of the country (and even the world), and as the next few weeks unfold, you’ll see that the wonderful submissions we are receiving reflect this geographic diversity. As the movement adapts to dislocation from the parks symbolically occupied, the poetry will continue because the pursuit of economic justice grows only more intense.

Three times a week, OccuPoetry will publish poetry about economic justice/injustice, greed, protest, activism, and opportunity. Information on submissions is here – http://occupypoetry.org/submissions/

Please read and enjoy the meditations on language shared in OccuPoetry. If you want to share them, forward this email, share links through your favorite blog or social network, or print and read them aloud to friends. And let us know what you think.

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