Squaw Valley Community of Writers, 2014 Poetry Workshop

The Community of Writers is now accepting applications for its 2014 workshop.  From their website…

The Community of Writers Poetry Workshop is founded on the belief that when poets gather in a community to write new poems, each poet may well break through old habits and write something stronger and truer than before. The idea is to try to expand the boundaries of what one can write. In the mornings we meet to read to each other the work of the previous twenty-four hours, and in the late afternoons we gather for a conversation about some aspect of craft.


Financial Aid available.
Submissions Deadline: April 2, 2014.


Robert Hass · Cathy Park Hong · Harryette Mullen · C.D. Wright · Matthew Zapruder 

Visit the Poetry Workshop Website: http://www.squawvalleywriters.org/poetry_ws.htm

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