Mapping Projects

This page serves as an index of various mapping projects.

Mapping Jean Toomer’s Cane

in progress

Video Cartography Durham

Video Cartography Durham is a video-based project that digitizes and preserves vintage film relating to the history of Durham, North Carolina, USA, and presents the archival footage alongside contemporary video. By organizing footage geographically and layering footage chronologically, this project makes it possible for viewers to quickly gain a sense of the history and change of Durham’s urban landscape. Read more and see the video

Triangle Bicycling Maps

For Durham, there is a new biking and walking map. Produced by the City of Durham and designed with input from the Durham Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Commission, the new Durham Bike and Hike Map and other maps are available from BPAC’s website.

Note: If the Google Maps below are updated, they are updated by volunteers on no particular schedule.

Orange County

Note: After a few folks volunteered to help develop a map, we quickly decided to make it a true regional resource, including biking opportunities beyond Durham’s city or county limits. But, due to technical limitations of Google Maps, each map can be richer if they are broken into more specific regions. For that reason, there are now four maps, each one in need of development. So, again, send me an email if you want to help draw some maps.

Green = Greenways — paved, off-road bicycle facilities
Purple = bike Lanes — on road, striped bicycle facilities
Red = recreational road routes
Burnt orange = gravel or dirt roads (i.e. not singletrack)
Yellow building = social and Advocacy related meeting spots
Green bicycles = Bicycle shops (sales, repairs, and rentals)

Contributors currently include Torsha Bhattacharya, Ted Buckner, Steven Waters, Dan Schudel, John Ramsey, Dave Connelly, and Tanner Lovelace.

Vegetarian Map of Quito

Eating vegetarian (even vegan) is not hard in Quito, Ecuador. I lived in Quito part of 2010, am vegan, and ate well while I was enjoying this high Andean city. See the map for some of my favorite restaurants. Or, you can read more about my thoughts on Quito here and specific advice about communications technology that works well in Ecuador here.


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