The Outspokin’ Cyclist: Driving the kids with a bicycle

Four days a week, Teddy Salazar takes his son Theo to school just like most parents. Instead of a car seat, however, Theo rides in a trailer towed behind Salazar’s bicycle. Weaving around potholes and climbing hills along four miles … Continue reading

The Outspokin’ Cyclist: New Durham cabs are pedal-powered

On a recent Sunday, while I was dropping off some donated wheels and frames at the Durham Bike Co-op, two of Durham’s newest taxi cabs stopped by for repairs. MarcDreyfors parked his cab on the sidewalk, jacked up the front … Continue reading

Camus on bicycle

image made with amaztype During the German occupation of France, Albert Camus earned hero status among the French for editing the underground newspaper Combat. It wasn’t until the war was over, however, that more than a handful of people knew … Continue reading

The Outspokin’ Cyclist: Ottawa pros offer advice

OTTAWA — Feeling trapped inside by the cold weather? Are you taking a break from cycling until the spring thaw? Winter cycling has an allure all its own, but to be sure it also has its challenges. I recently spent … Continue reading