Book review – Vincent Katz’s Swimming Home

A few months ago, I was reading on Brian’s Leiter’s blog, Leiter Reports, about a new press started by academic, professional philosophers — Mark Anderson and Andy Davis of Belmont University with Charles Ives of the University of Washington — who … Continue reading

Book review – Anatomize by Natasha Dennerstein

Review of Anatomize. By Natasha Dennerstein.  Norfolk Press, 2015. $15, 73 pages. Dennerstein grounds her work in the sensuality of sensuality. The variety of poetic forms throughout Anatomize tickle the intellect. Occasionally, the titles give away their constructions, as is the case with “Voodoo … Continue reading

Book review – Industrial Oz: Ecopoems, by Scott T. Starbuck

Review of Industrial Oz: Ecopoems. By Scott T. Starbuck. (Burlington: Fomite Press, 2015). 128 pp, paper. The parables in Industrial Oz are rife with echoes of June Jordan, who says of activists “you do / something, rather than nothing.” Often … Continue reading

The Dead Women of Juárez, by Robert Andrew Powell

The Dead Women of Juárez by Robert Andrew Powell My rating: 2 of 5 stars Once I had the patience to figure out how to strip the DRM from a Kindle Single so that I can read long-form journalism on … Continue reading

All Things Shining, review/interview on Colbert Report

The Colbert Report Mon – Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c Sean Dorrance Kelly Colbert Report Full Episodes Political Humor & Satire Blog Video Archive In the video above (aired last night), Colbert interviews Sean Dorrance Kelly on his new book, … Continue reading

120th Philosophers’ Carnival

It’s been a month of Carnivals here at First the inaugural edition of the Digital Humanities Blog Carnival, and today the 120th edition of the Philosophers’ Carnival. This is my second time hosting the Philosophers’ Carnival, and I am happy … Continue reading


Since Sartre is always lumped in with Camus as one of the great literary figures and moral leaders of war-time and post-war France, I thought I should read more by and about Sartre — if only to learn yet another … Continue reading