The Outspokin’ Cyclist: Women’s liberation through bicycling

For many, the nineties were a time of political advancement and financial success. The economy was doing well, failed policies from previous administrations were being turned back, manufacturing was on the increase, and progress was the buzz-word in board rooms … Continue reading

The Outspokin’ Cyclist: Take time to unplug, be outside and watch the sunset

DURHAM — There was a year when I watched the sunset almost every evening. Across the street from the school I was attending at the time began a neighborhood of houses that had been built in the 1950s. These streets … Continue reading

SSpots of Time

Phillip Barron Originally published by BikeReader. Sweet are those moments when all your skills converge and you clear a technical section with more grace than you thought possible. That’s what I call flow. Others call it groovin’ or dialed-in. “’Spots … Continue reading


Since Sartre is always lumped in with Camus as one of the great literary figures and moral leaders of war-time and post-war France, I thought I should read more by and about Sartre — if only to learn yet another … Continue reading