Move photos from Facebook to Google+

If you’ve got a new Google+ account, you probably are contemplating whether you really want to spend time investing in one more social network. Given the significant privacy enhancements over Facebook, I’ve decided that it is worth my time. Despite … Continue reading

iPhone tracking

Pete Warden, founder of Data Science Toolkit, and Allasdair Allan, a research fellow at the University of Exeter, recently stumbled upon a database, hidden in the backups of iPhones and iPads, which contains timestamped location information for your phone. What … Continue reading

Build your own periodical

Scott McLemee, the Intellectual Affairs blogger at Inside Higher Ed, recently shared with readers his method for saving articles he finds online to his e-reader. The idea, as he explains, is to take advantage of your e-reader’s strengths (text display, … Continue reading

Mac users, try Skitch for annotating images

Sometimes you want to show someone else what you’re looking at online. You can email her a link, post it on Facebook, or share it on Twitter. But sometimes, you need to show someone exactly what you’re seeing. Why? It … Continue reading

Why I chose the Sony Reader instead of a Kindle

UPDATE: I have since sold the Reader and moved on to the Kindle. Read why. While living in Ecuador last year, I realized the appeal of ebooks. To play on ZipCar‘s motto, ebooks are books when you want them, where … Continue reading

OCR in Google Docs makes transcription simple

The other night, while running an online seminar in professional development for teachers of US history, I had a request for the text of the Nebraska folk song with which historian Louis Warren concluded his presentation, “Settling with Debt: Western … Continue reading

Digital Humanities Blog Carnival

The field of the digital humanities has grown significantly over the last decade, and now there is no end of projects to support, ways of thinking to share, and funding opportunities to highlight. The Digital Humanities Blog Carnival is a … Continue reading

Dropbox is an academic’s best friend

Have you ever been writing a paper, working on an article, or organizing a book project — for example — at home, but then need to jot down an idea or insert a phrase of perfectly crafted language while you’re … Continue reading

Four principles of using digital tools to assist humanities research

This post is based on a series of workshops I am developing for humanities graduate students and faculty at the University of California, Davis. While some of what I do in the workshops resembles training on a particular program, I … Continue reading