City of Cloud and Stone; new poem on Quito in White Rabbit

I am happy to share a new poem from issue 4 of White Rabbit, a journal of English language studies published by the Facultad de Letras at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. “City of Cloud and Stone” is made up … Continue reading

Are you not entertained?

Students who walk through the arch spanning two unfluted tuscan columns at the entrance to the Central University of Ecuador, the country’s oldest university, might be imagined to feel inspired by the history, the beauty, the accomplishment contained within this … Continue reading

Quito, Ecuador

Between this weekend’s New York Times Travel section’s front-page story and President Correa‘s recent stand-off with the police, Ecuador is in the news. This is a follow-up to an earlier post, one laden with advice about how to stay in … Continue reading

Not all coffee is the Same

On Ecuador’s Pacific coast, high striated cirri fold in the sky like wrinkles of dry snow on a fallow western Massachusetts field. Boys launch fishing boats in the surf, standing in the hull and pushing their craft forward with poles … Continue reading

Technology-related advice on traveling to Quito, Ecuador

Although my focus here is on traveling from the U.S. to Quito, much of what I recommend applies elsewhere in South America, indeed in much of the world. There’s WIFI everywhere. Ecuador is in the middle of an exciting explosion … Continue reading