E-readers in the classroom

Earlier this summer, I contributed a media review to the journal Transformations as part of an issue dedicated to teaching digital media. The issue is not yet available electronically (JSTOR and other digital journal vendors are sometimes required to release … Continue reading

academics with ereaders: results of survey

With 75 responses so far, here’s a peak at the results of the survey. If you have not yet voiced your opinion on whether ereaders are ready for academic use, please take the survey. Note: if any of the graphs … Continue reading

Marchand Archive: dig into the digital humanities

Codex Telleriano-Remensis (c. 1563) In February, The History Project at UC Davis launched the expanded and improved Marchand Archive: a growing digital collection of images and lesson plans, freely available via the Internet to teachers, students, researchers, and professors alike. … Continue reading

Build your own periodical

Scott McLemee, the Intellectual Affairs blogger at Inside Higher Ed, recently shared with readers his method for saving articles he finds online to his e-reader. The idea, as he explains, is to take advantage of your e-reader’s strengths (text display, … Continue reading

Digital Humanities Blog Carnival, Presidents Day edition

Welcome back to the Digital Humanities Blog Carnival. This entry comprises the second edition, the February 2011 edition. Today is Presidents Day in the United States, which means that those of us employed by state institutions of higher learning have … Continue reading

hosting the Philosophers’ Carnival, January 31

I’m busy hosting blog Carnivals this month. It’s been widely publicized already that on Monday, January 17th, this website hosts the inaugural episode of a new¬†Digital Humanities Blog Carnival (submission deadline January 15th, see here for more details). What hasn’t … Continue reading

Philosophers interviewed on radio show

Long before Philosophy Talk hit the Internet, even before the popular WHHY radio talk program¬†Fresh Air with Terry Gross hit the airwaves, there was Soundings. Soundings was a popular weekly radio talk show, produced from 1980 to 1997. Recorded and … Continue reading

Digital Humanities Blog Carnival

The field of the digital humanities has grown significantly over the last decade, and now there is no end of projects to support, ways of thinking to share, and funding opportunities to highlight. The Digital Humanities Blog Carnival is a … Continue reading