Eleven days, Wikileaks, and revolutionary technology

Eleven days had already passed since the original disclosures [in the New York Times], and no catastrophes had occurred. Government concerns about potential national-security crises were nothing but speculation and surmise. The link between publication and consequences, [Alexander] Bickel argued, … Continue reading

The Outspokin’ Cyclist: Hybrid car pitch a step backwards

Phillip Barron The Herald Sun September 14th marked the 108 yr anniversary of first pedestrian death at the hands of an automobile in the United States. On September 13th, 1899, Henry Bliss stepped from a streetcar on Central Park West, … Continue reading

the snap project

Visiting other cities is always defined for me by people. Some I talk to, if only for a few seconds. Others I just pass by, coming no closer than a car window at 20 mph. Ottawa — A bike messenger – too … Continue reading