Putting the ‘Humanities’ in ‘Digital Humanities’

Reflecting on the recent The Humanities and Technology conference (THAT Camp) in San Francisco, what strikes me most is that digital humanities events consistently tip more toward the logic-structured digital side of things. That is, they are less balanced out by … Continue reading

Time Warner Cable getting greedy

A colleague first made me aware of Time Warner Cable’s move to sneak bandwidth caps into their existing markets. Now the news seems to be exploding in the blogosphere. I received this from FreePress.net just yesterday. We Want More Internet, … Continue reading

Why I am not a Democrat (or a Republican)

I spent the weekend before the election in Washington, D.C. being reminded of the passion for critique on which our country was founded. Standing in the rotunda of the Jefferson Memorial, it’s dizzying to read “I have sworn… eternal hostility … Continue reading

Industries of Cruelty

Less than a week after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals employees in North Carolina faced charges of cruelty for performing anesthetized euthanasia on unwanted animals, then tossing them in dumpsters, the state’s council of commissioners had to vote … Continue reading