Technology-related advice on traveling to Quito, Ecuador

Although my focus here is on traveling from the U.S. to Quito, much of what I recommend applies elsewhere in South America, indeed in much of the world. There’s WIFI everywhere. Ecuador is in the middle of an exciting explosion … Continue reading

Biking Autopia – a photoessay

In his 1973 essay ”Autopia,” Dutch novelist Cees Nooteboom wrote that Los Angeles ”mixes images of vulgarity and vitality” and ”conveys the feeling that it stretches to all sides around you, but never looks down on you or presses you … Continue reading

Please Don’t Involve Fellow Passengers In Schemes To Extort Disability Funds

DINING CAR AHEAD… reads the scrolling red-LED marquis at the front of the Coachclass car. The northbound Carolinian, Amtrak’s train 80, follows a corridor of sweet gum, pine, and mimosa between Durham and Washington, DC. Views from the diesel-driven iron … Continue reading