Book review – Vincent Katz’s Swimming Home

A few months ago, I was reading on Brian’s Leiter’s blog, Leiter Reports, about a new press started by academic, professional philosophers — Mark Anderson and Andy Davis of Belmont University with Charles Ives of the University of Washington — who … Continue reading

Book review – Industrial Oz: Ecopoems, by Scott T. Starbuck

Review of Industrial Oz: Ecopoems. By Scott T. Starbuck. (Burlington: Fomite Press, 2015). 128 pp, paper. The parables in Industrial Oz are rife with echoes of June Jordan, who says of activists “you do / something, rather than nothing.” Often … Continue reading

City of Cloud and Stone; new poem on Quito in White Rabbit

I am happy to share a new poem from issue 4 of White Rabbit, a journal of English language studies published by the Facultad de Letras at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. “City of Cloud and Stone” is made up … Continue reading