a special place in hell for bike thieves

“A Special Place in Hell for Bike Thieves” Phillip Barron published in Urban Velo, Issue 8 (download the whole issue or read it online) A neighbor recently posted a note to the neighborhood listserv that his daughter’s bike was stolen. … Continue reading

Please Don’t Involve Fellow Passengers In Schemes To Extort Disability Funds

DINING CAR AHEAD… reads the scrolling red-LED marquis at the front of the Coachclass car. The northbound Carolinian, Amtrak’s train 80, follows a corridor of sweet gum, pine, and mimosa between Durham and Washington, DC. Views from the diesel-driven iron … Continue reading

the ghost of Monsanto haunts me at work…

The Research Triangle Park is a strange place. It feels a little creepy with GlaxoSmithKline’s North American headquarters, a major IBM campus, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, and Eli Lilly all within half a mile of each other. The presence … Continue reading

ghost mums

In the front yard are the ghost mums: chrysanthemums I planted two years ago that haven’t died, but they don’t fully come back each year either. Mums are annuals, so it’s unusual that they come back at all. This spring, … Continue reading

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