From Sony Reader to Amazon Kindle

This is an update to previous posts in which I explained why, when I decided to step into the ereader market, I originally chose the Sony Reader. [original articles 1, 2] After a bad experience with both the Reader itself … Continue reading

Eleven days, Wikileaks, and revolutionary technology

Eleven days had already passed since the original disclosures [in the New York Times], and no catastrophes had occurred. Government concerns about potential national-security crises were nothing but speculation and surmise. The link between publication and consequences, [Alexander] Bickel argued, … Continue reading

Digital Humanities Blog Carnival

The field of the digital humanities has grown significantly over the last decade, and now there is no end of projects to support, ways of thinking to share, and funding opportunities to highlight. The Digital Humanities Blog Carnival is a … Continue reading

things learned at THATCampSF

Text mining, a cross between computer science and literary criticism, is a series of techniques available to everyone via Voyeur and the Monk Project. (thanks @silverasm) BookLamp is a book-matching project combining text-mining techniques (graphing pacing, action, dialogue, density, and … Continue reading

Technology-related advice on traveling to Quito, Ecuador

Although my focus here is on traveling from the U.S. to Quito, much of what I recommend applies elsewhere in South America, indeed in much of the world. There’s WIFI everywhere. Ecuador is in the middle of an exciting explosion … Continue reading

thoughts on the way to work this morning

This summer, I had the chance to ride in a new BMW 7 series which was spec’d out with the latest high-tech interior. It had everything — from an incredibly rich sound system (refuting the old adage that a car … Continue reading