The Quarter Acre Farm and Farm Fresh NC

From The Avid Reader (local Davis bookshop) From Amazon From Borders Two friends have recently published books that feed right into (pun intended) the de rigueur locavore food craze sweeping the nation. The authors are on opposite coasts, but I … Continue reading

Quito, Ecuador

Between this weekend’s New York Times Travel section’s front-page story and President Correa‘s recent stand-off with the police, Ecuador is in the news. This is a follow-up to an earlier post, one laden with advice about how to stay in … Continue reading

zipping around by bike, again

I noticed today that the only time I make a point of sharing a transportation experience via social media is when I drive a car. At least twice now I have posted updates on Twitter (I really can’t bring myself … Continue reading

Technology-related advice on traveling to Quito, Ecuador

Although my focus here is on traveling from the U.S. to Quito, much of what I recommend applies elsewhere in South America, indeed in much of the world. There’s WIFI everywhere. Ecuador is in the middle of an exciting explosion … Continue reading

the snap project

Visiting other cities is always defined for me by people. Some I talk to, if only for a few seconds. Others I just pass by, coming no closer than a car window at 20 mph. Ottawa — A bike messenger – too … Continue reading