Gender bias, Kimberly McCarthy, and HuffPost Live

This morning, HuffPost Live hosted a discussion on gender bias in the death penalty and, surprisingly, I was one of the featured guests. As you may know the state of Texas was scheduled to execute Kimberly McCarthy today. According to … Continue reading

Rachel Blau Duplessis

Over the 2008-2009 academic year, I got to work with Rachel Blau DuPlessis. Rachel is a feminist poet, literary critic, and editor of some great collections of modern poetry. A prolific writer and deeply interested in the avant garde movement … Continue reading

Video Cartography Durham

So instead of a small number of really impressive “monuments” such as those that survive from the disdained historical past, our century will leave, across the planet, a sprinkling of almost identical structures. It is, in a way, one vast … Continue reading